We work for better Afghanistan

GSDO is an Afghan, humanitarian organization that supports sustainable development in Afghanistan through the ability of local communities to decide about and manage their own development process. Activities are implemented in cooperation with civil society organizations, the private sector, and governmental institutions with a particular emphasis on poverty eradication, providing educational services in the glance of short and effective courses for women.

To participate in the development and rehabilitation of Afghanistan and empowerment of community to decide on what, where and when to do.

Emphasizing the relationship, partnership” we are in it together” to work together and thrive toward advancement and improving living condition of the people of Afghanistan, GSDO is dedicate to the betterment of society: economically, Educationally and, culturally. To work for deprived people for their upliftment and betterment with special emphasis on children, women and farmers to provide them with livelihood opportunities and bring them into the mainstream of society.


The GSDO is working in the following sectors: 

  • Social Services 
  • Education (women /children)
  • Health      
  • Women empowerment
  • Agriculture